Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Today

The nurturing essence of both Eckharts written work and the podcasts offered through Oprah’s online class provide spiritual substance for one’s soul. The contents, encased in the decorated pages of A New Earth: Finding Your Life’s Purpose, encapsulate illuminating spiritual elements in such a way that they are easily consumed. Continuing the process of consciouses living and remaining aware of the ego’s presence once the pages have been discarded is a key ingredient in your spiritual development.

Fundamental in the pursuit of finding one’s purpose, is the realization that you are not your ego. During moments of turmoil and pain, when the ego is weighing on your consciousness, awareness can liberate the energy which is you, allowing the present moment to shine through.

Life presents unanticipated and unwanted experiences to everyone. Expressing themselves in the form of relationships, roles, possessions, health changes and so much more, human beings conceptualize these experiences through internally generated mechanisms. Holding on to any form of these concepts as they vanish into the present moment can ignite great anguish. As Eckhart points out however, “the primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but our thoughts about it”. When conceptualized by the ego, our thoughts desperately cling to forms which are believed to be defining. Unable to hold on, the loss of these forms leave the ego vulnerable and exposed, ready to cover itself in the next form that it discovers. Free yourself from form, under which the ego hides, “for when you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life”.


Unncessary Clutter Series – Part One

Accumulation of unnecessary clutter creates literal barriers to a rewarding life experience. Following the passing of my father, this fact suddenly became my reality. Up until the acquisition of someone else’s lifelong collection of stuff, the accumulated Kee’s family collection of memorabilia was treasured and appreciated. Since acquisition overload however, possessions have been transformed into unnecessary clutter. Slowly but surely over the past year, yard sales, donations and such have put a dent in our collection of things. However, with a constant stream of toddler toys and necessities entering the home, it is time to focus efforts more effeciently. In order to avoid being weighed down by material burdens, eliminating clutter has become a Kees family priority.

Purging excess belongings is not an easy feat, however it is a necessary one if you do not want to be bogged down by “stuff”. As our family works on eliminating unnecessary clutter, I encourage your family to join us. This series of posts will provide you with resources, suggestions and hopefully inspiration to become clutter free.


Begin by evaluating what area’s of your home seem to attract clutter. As you begin to eliminate the excess “baggage”, partialize your goals into manageable objectives. Rather then trying to get rid of all clutter, start by focusing on either a specific space (i.e. office) or on a specific type of clutter (i.e. paper work). By partializing, you will create an objective that is easier to accomplish, in shorter period of time. You will feel rewarded once the objective is accomplished, and success will provide you with confidence that the remaining tasks are not insurmountable.


Clean Sweep is a Discovery Station production which presents a team of organization and design experts who come to rescue people who have accumulated too much stuff and need help reducing clutter. Watch one or two episodes and you will certainly come away with some ideas and inspiration to get you started.


You are not alone. The Kees family is working on reducing clutter too. By partitializing it was relatively easy to reduce the clutter. Since Christmas brought many new toy’s into the home, I selected toys to be the first type of clutter to reduce. By separating the toys into three categories; 1. Keep 2. Donate 3. Trash I was able to significantly reduce clutter. Additionally, some of the toy’s we kept were stored away. Children become overwhelmed with too much stuff. By rotating the toys available to them to play with they will appreciate what they have more and chances are when you break out a toy they have not seen in awhile it will seem like Christmas all over again.