A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – Day One Point Five

You may understandably may be questioning why an image of my bathroom would be entitled A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Certainly the image is in no way esoteric. What I have to admit, is that the title of this post ends in “Day One Point Five”, and is accompanied by an ivy embellished water closet for a reason.
Tuning into a profound book requires calm and tranquil moments, away from the distractions of a working mothers existence. These moments can be created and nurtured by ones environment. Comforted by bubbles, water and flickering candle light, any stress absorbed throughout the day can be washed away by a therapeutic bubble bath. Having difficulty immersing myself in Tolle’s second book, it was this soothing experience that inspired me to transform the bathroom, into a creation where spiritual nurturing could occur. For everyone, the elements necessary to facilitate spiritual growth are different. Nature has always been one of these elements in my life so the choice to adorn the bathroom walls with ivy was not a difficult one. If spiritual evolution is a priority in your life, you may want to create conditions which will cultivate spiritual development. Creating a tranquil environment is just one of the ways this can be accomplished.

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