Unnecessary Clutter Series – Part Two

Hopefully eliminating clutter has simplified your existence in 2008. While freeing yourself from oppressive baggage, consider this:


Paper can quickly accumulate, and effectively managing it is necessary to keep from getting bogged down in useless print. Start defending yourself against paper invasions by visiting the Direct Marketing Association. They provide an online form for removing your name from mailing lists and opting out of credit card offers.

Purging outdated material at least once a year is recommended. This includes disposing of warranties and user manuals that are no longer needed. If your files are getting thick, eliminate all out of date contents. Finally, try maintaining records on the computer instead of on paper.


Check out Vickie and Jen’s the Big O: Organization podcast series for more ideas on reducing clutter. The DIY Networks Organization Channel also has some useful suggestions.


Two days and three piles (Donations, Trash, Keep) was all it took to reduce the clutter our household had begun to accumulate. For the Kees family, it was just a matter of taking the time to pear down the excess baggage and we are back to appreciating our possessions again.